2-denture package vs 1-denture package

There are three methods dentists can use to help patients make the transition after extracting teeth to wearing dentures or partials.

1)     2-denture package  We only offer this method because results are superior.  (see photo evidence below)

  • Package includes 2 sets of dentures:  a healing set and a new set after healing
  • Significant changes take place during the first 6 months after extractions; the bone and gums shrink, reshape and gaps develop between bone ridge and denture
  • Our patients wear healing dentures for 6-8 months after extractions.  We help them through the healing process with softlines to close gaps
  • After 6-8 months of healing, we take new impressions and make a new set of dentures
  • Our patients get to see the dentures in their mouth, request changes and get the smile they want.
  • The new dentures fit well over the healed bone ridge which improves chewing ability, control and appearance.

2)    1-denture package  We do not offer nor recommend this method. (see photo evidence below)

  • Package includes one denture set and a hard reline after healing
  • After 6-8 months of healing, the denture delivered on the day of extractions is relined with acrylic to close the gap between bone ridge & denture.
  • Relined dentures fit well over bone ridge, but the teeth are forward of the bone ridge which can reduce chewing ability, control & look unattractive.
  • Patients do not participate in the making of their denture.  At the time their denture is being made, they have natural teeth in their mouth so dentures can not be tried in or approved by the patient.   These patients get what they get!!

3)    Heal without dentures   We do not recommend this method.

  • After extractions, bone ridges are unsupported.  Eating usually deforms and flattens the crest of the bone ridge which results in sharp edges.
  • After healing without dentures, patients lack denture skills and usually have a difficult time adjusting to dentures in their mouth.