Tooth extraction?  Sounds terrible!

Full mouth extractions?   Sounds like a nightmare!


We know how to extract teeth comfortably.   Patients are amazed and most report. “I did not feel a thing.”

Extracting teeth does not need to be traumatic, dramatic or painful.   Our patients are impressed with Dr McCaskey’s extraction ability.    Many patients tell us they only needed one pain pill the next day.  Our patients, after full mouth extractions, return to work within 3 days.   Bruising and swelling is rare in our office.

Still Afraid?   We understand and offer oral sedation.    see oral sedation page

Why do people need full mouth extractions?

  • Advanced gum disease, infection & tooth decay,
  • In preparation for dentures, partials or implants.
  • Compromised immune system, chemotherapy, radiation treatments.  (Surgeons often request no oral infection before some procedures)
  • Some people can not afford crowns & bridges to restore their teeth.
  • Many mothers and fathers sacrifice dental work on their teeth to pay for their children’s needs.

We do not judge our patients.   We understand everybody’s journey in life is different.   We are here to help.