What are implants?

Implants serve as artificial roots, firmly anchored into the jawbone.  They support dentures, partials, crowns & bridges.

We do implants well and have a high success rate.

The benefits of implants are many and worth the investment. 

– If you want to bite and chew well

– If you want the security of knowing your dentures will stay in place

– If you want to feel the roof of your mouth and taste food better

– If you want to stop using denture adhesives

– If you want to reduce bone loss after extractions

Ask us about our affordable implant packages.

Implants are a good investment.

– They are a successful and trusted method of tooth replacement.  Visit our implant partner’s web site.

– They are made of safe materials (titanium) that are compatible with your jawbone.  For information on the safety of implants visit:

– Implants will reduce further bone loss because implants stimulate surrounding bone.

– Our patients consider their implants essential.

Did you know?

    – an implant can last a lifetime with good oral hygiene and annual checkups.

    – most patients report little to no pain during or after placement of implants!