Pair & Spare

Dental Creations in downtown Harrison, Arkansas is the home of denture ‘Pair & Spare on the Square.’

Don’t be fooled by the catchy phrase – it is a GREAT VALUE with GREAT RESULTS!

We offer the following two denture ‘Pair & Spare’ packages:

 Package #1    – for those that want to replace their current set of dentures

– If your denture ‘pair & spare’ are made at the same time, it saves you money and they are interchangeable.

– Denture accidents happen.  With a denture ‘pair & spare,’ you don’t have to worry or be without teeth while your denture is being repaired.

– Going out of town?  Why not take a spare denture set with you?

– Dog use your denture as a chew toy?  A spare denture set solves the immediate problem.

 Pakage #2    – for those that want remaining teeth extracted and dentures

– This package includes extractions, post-op care, a healing set of dentures and a final set of dentures after you heal.

– Our 2-denture package results in a ‘pair & spare.’  To learn more, click on 2-denture package vs 1-denture package.

– Package #2 can also be used by people that want to include implants and save.

 The ‘Pair & Spare’ packages do not include partial dentures.